Mosaic in Ceramic, Stone and Glass

Grizzly Mosaic

Material: 1x1 fully vitrified ceramic mosaic tile. The eyes were taxidermist’s glass eyes, two different sizes.

Origin: USA- AO, Dal, Winburn

Mosaic hot tub. Upper panel 10,000 pieces, 22 colors, took three weeks to build. Face mounted with acrylic tape, we set it in one piece, that’s why you see no seams. Image from Jack O’Conner’s book on Big Game animals.

The main panel was 60″x108″, the largest sheet of 3/4″ MDF we could buy, used it for a tabletop on which to lay out the pieces. Once we were done, we face mounted it with strips of 2″ wide clear packaging tape, built up several layers running both ways to create a strong clear mounting medium. We then put strips of fiberglass strapping tape running up and down, and left them long so we’d have them to use to hold the panel up while the setting adhesive (fortified thinset) set up. We sandwiched it between another sheet of MDF, delivered it to the job. Next, we prepared the wall, and brought in the “sandwich” and set it down with face (tape) side down, put the “flucum” on the wall with a 1/2″ notch trowel, removed the MDF, took a deep breath… and stood the panel up. We used the strapping tape to keep it from sliding down, anchoring it with masonry nails.

Some of the tiles came loose and fell behind. We anticipated that might happen- we cut the tape where there was a bulge, peeled it back and removed the fallen pieces. The next day we came back, peeled off the tape, replaced the lost pieces, and grouted it.

It was a “fiat”- luck was on our side.  Everything came off as planned.



Dolley Varden Mosaic

Material: ceramic mosaic
Origin: USA mosaic, Oriental glazed.
The underwater part of the Hot Tub was mostly glazed tile, for low maintenance, The mosaics were fully vitrified unglazed 1x1 mosaic because of the wide choice of colors, and permanence. The mosaic was set first, and the glazed cut and set to fit around it. Ron Adams was the tile contractor.


3-D Large stone images

Waterfall Mermaids

Fireplace details

Ceramic Mosaic

Ceramic Mosaic

Stone Mosaic Patios