Staircases & Floors

Plaza Bank Grand Stair, Dallas

Material: Rose Travertine

Country of Origin: Greece

Every commercial project has Architects, Designers, Engineers, General Contractors, Subcontractors. We started this project with a 1/8″/ft scale blueprint detail copied from a book. We had the stone and tile sub-contracts. We did shop drawings, selected the stone, fabricated the pieces, installed the stone treads and risers on a steel frame. We worked with the ornamental iron contractor on the math, he did the frame, balusters and handrail. The material was 2cm slab, and we used it to create cubic stock for the curved risers, installation detail in the second picture.


Observe detail at top of curved riser,

Strips of stone were laminated together to make cubic material, which had veins and variant color which concealed the appearance of the colored polyester adhesive, and created the illusion of solid material. The unavailability of cubic material ultimately determined the layout of the entire project.

Ann’s Grand Stair

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Baggenstos Project, Butte Montana

Materials: Crema Marfil, Hualean Jade

Origins: Spain, Taiwan

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