Marble Doorway Surround/ plaster inlay

Material: Chiampo Mandorlato

Country of Origin: Italy

This old project required locating boneyard scraps, with connections from old pros, which has sat out for decades in the weather, repolishing them and shipping them from long distances. One of our crates of this precious material got speared with a forklift at the trucking dock- and to add insult to injury they spilled 50 gallons of yellow road paint on them! Because there was no more, we couldn’t file an insurance claim- we needed to clean and use the irreplaceable material! So, we got to solvent off all the paint, degrease the pieces. What a nightmare! It’s funny now, but at the time it wasn’t…

Other side of the Door

Material: Carthage Gray

Country of origin: USA, Carthage, Mo.

This was the stuff they spilled the yellow paint on, and there was no more to replace it. Working with antique marble can be challenging, but rewarding.